I'm Uncertain

Professional Administrator - Amateur Developer - Dream To Reality Specialist

About me

Hello, my name is Raphael, I'm also known as ImUncertain/Uncertain. You may know me from numerous places, the most common being The Minecraft World Network in the times of 2016. I single handedly reset OP-Factions with small knowledge on the gamemode; ask anyone, they will tell you: my resets, were the best resets.

More recently however, I was invited onto a project by the one and the only Myers/Owt4Nowt. We are now working together, to bring an amazing experience to all. Everything we do, we do properly, unlike a lot of similarly sized servers/networks. If you would like to learn more about Tea-MC, you can click the button below. You can also find bits and bats of information on the Network around my website. For example, the live stats are all pulled from official Tea-MC Databases.

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